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Podcasts have become very popular in the recent years. I also like to listen to podcasts sometimes. However, there are quite many of them out there and it is not always easy to find the right one. In this blog entry I present six podcasts. I hope one of these podcasts are interesting for you. Enjoy listening!


© Screenshot (25. März 2020): Berliner Rundfunk

This podcast is dedicated to all the animals around Berlin. Be it in the zoo and in the animal park or in all those parks and forests. The Hauptstadt-Dschungel podcast is very informative and provides you with lots of information about the animal world in Germany's capital. You learn more about the pigeons in Berlin or the gulls at the Alexanderplatz. But also about Eurasian red squirrels, wild boars, raccoons or bats. Many animals are now part of our city life. Thus, I highly recommend to listen to this podcast if you live in Berlin and wish to know more about the animals around. Worth to listen!

Mongabay Newscast: News from Nature (Language: English)

Mongabay Newscast

© Screenshot (25. März 2020): Mongabay Newscast

What happens worldwide in conservation? Which technologies are used in order to push conservation forward? Who speaks up for which animal species? And what is done in science for conservation? The Mongabay Newscast is rich in variety and provides information about many different conservation topics. The podcast can be about the role of zoos or about the most recent discoveries in the animal kingdom. But also climate change is a topic discussed in the podcast. By all means, a very informative podcasts which is worth to be listened by many people!

Marine Mammal Science (Language: English)

Marine Mammal Science Podcast

© Screenshot (25. März 2020): Marine Mammal Science Podcast

This podcast is especially for those interested in marine mammals. In this podcast the presenter invites in every episode an expert who works with marine mammals. In this way you learn, for example, more about the blue whales in Sri Lanka or the humpback whales in New York. You get also more information about the current situation of the vaquita in Mexico - a porpoise at the brink of extinction. I especially liked the episode about the bottlenose dolphins in Slovenia, because few years ago I visited this institute. Really worth to listen if you are enthusiastic about marine mammals!

WILD LIVES (Language: English)


© Screenshot (25. März 2020): WILD LIVES Podcast

I got to know this podcast just a few days ago. Thus, I do not know so much about this podcast so far. The most recent episode is about the consequences of the bush fires in Australia. One thing I learned in this episode is: we know so little about our wildlife. Be it in Australia or anywhere else. I'm very curious about the other episodes and I'm sure that I will regularly listen to this podcast.

FAIR – Wie du den Planeten jeden Tag etwas besser machst (Language: German)

FAIR Podcast

© Screenshot (25. März 2020): FAIR Podcast

I do not know this podcast for a long time, neither. Furthermore, so far they have published just a few episodes. Nevertheless, the title of this podcasts got my attention. On the one hand, this blog here is more about wildlife and traveling. However, on the other hand I want to contribute to a more fair world. I think with our behavior we can co-determine our economy. This is a very complex and difficult topic, but I believe that we can move the world into a "better" direction with our everyday decisions! I'm definitely curious about the next episodes!

IMPACT: The Conservation Photography Podcast (Language: English)

IMPACT Podcast

I have to admit that I haven't listened to this podcast so far, but I like the work of the photographer. Thus, this podcast is on the top of my list to be listened to. I hope this podcast gives me some more inspiration for my photographs and which impact I want to have with them. According to the titles of the episodes, the podcast is about one's own style and creativity, but also about photo essays. I'm looking forward to listen to this podcast!

There are so many good podcasts out there! I hope you have found an interesting podcast for you in this short list. Which podcasts do you listen?


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